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suction dredger hull positioning at work

suction dredger hull positioning at work

 Positioning pile: It is a coil-shaped plate forming a member, the lower end of a cone, the shape is similar to a pencil, it is also known as a pencil pile. The bottom is generally perfused with stones or iron to lower the center of gravity.
Cutter suction dredgers are equipped with two fixed piles. During construction, the main pile is located on the centerline of the excavation and sticks to the stabbing condition, and the secondary pile adheres to the vacant condition. When the dredging ship is required to move forward and the longitudinal cutting of the reamer is changed, the main and auxiliary piles are replaced. It is forbidden to drop two fixed piles together for construction, production and wind resistance.
Cutter suction dredgers are generally equipped with positioning pile trolleys. Their main piles are mounted on a trolley which is propelled by a hydraulic cylinder and can be moved forward and backward with respect to the hull. Its role is to greatly reduce the time of pile changing and improve the production efficiency.

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