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Talking about the benefits of river dredging (1)

Talking about the benefits of river dredging (1)

 First, improve water supply conditions and water ecological environment.
    With the rapid development of the economy, many sewage and even poisonous waste water produced on the day of production are discharged into river courses, causing serious pollution of river water bodies. Through dredging, drainage and drainage, and mobilization of water flow, it is conducive to the self-purification of advancing rivers and the advancement of surface water environmental capacity. And quality. In addition, the increase of water storage capacity in the river, and the joint dispatching work with the reservoir, create conditions for the completion of the reservoir water supply and river irrigation, which can reduce the serious hostility of water use, meet the water demand in both areas, and ensure the quality of water supply.
   Second, can advance the river's shipping talents.
    Dredging boats to eradicate sludge in river channels, increase the width and depth of river channels, can greatly advance the shipping capabilities of rivers, make residents along the coast have a more choice of travel, especially on inconvenient areas along the river, shipping talents. The advancement has brought great convenience to the local transportation. Compared with other transportation methods, water transport has the characteristics of large transport volume and low freight. Therefore, dredging and dredging of river channels through dredging vessels can be used to advance the navigation of rivers, improve the local transportation environment, and promote the economic development along the river.

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