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Talking about the benefits of river dredging (2)

Talking about the benefits of river dredging (2)

 Third, it can enhance the river flood.
    Dredging and dredging of river channels are the most common water conservancy projects. After dredging and dredging of river channels by dredging ships, sand and silt are excavated in river courses, which can eliminate water barriers in river channels and increase the flood discharge capacity of flood discharge sections. It can also open up shipping lanes and smooth the shipping route of the river, which has the effect of stimulating interest.
     Because the vegetation on the upper reaches of the river is damaged or artificially formed, soil erosion is aggravated. Many sediments are brought into the river and gradually deposited in the river, blocking the normal activities of the river and raising the river channel, resulting in a smaller cross section of the river. The flood of the river channel can be reduced, which increases the damage and the damage of the flood. One of the main purposes of the river dredging project of the dredging vessel is to enhance the river's ability to carry floods, reduce the threat of floods to the surrounding industries and citizens' life safety, and increase the ability to withstand flood disasters. The implementation of the project will bring great benefits to residents and enterprises and institutions around the river, that is, it will have certain economic benefits and certain social benefits.

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