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The status quo and related thinking of China's dredging equipment capacity (2)

The status quo and related thinking of China's dredging equipment capacity (2)

2.2 Changjiang Waterway Bureau

     The Yangtze River Waterway Bureau has special qualifications for the construction of ports and waterway projects. It has four waterway engineering bureaus in Chongqing, Yichang, Wuhan and Nanjing. It is the primary mission of the Yangtze River Channel dredging mission. It is now also a coastal dredging mall with a variety of types. More than 600 ships (work), the annual dredging can be about 120 million m3. The large-scale self-propelled 8000 ,The 2000m3/h “Sucking” No. Cinch Suction Dredger also has a number of 40m large paving ships, which provide construction guarantee for the bank protection project. Because of its healthy style and thorough equipment, it enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

2.3 Other traffic and water system dredging efforts

    According to the analysis of relevant data, the traffic channel sections of the provinces in the country have a total of about 50 million m3 of annual dredging capacity. Together, the water conservancy system has also formed a certain planning dredging force in the handling of rivers and lakes and farmland water conservancy construction. It has nearly 700 types of dredging vessels of various types, and the annual dredging can reach about 90 million m3. In summary, no matter from the overall planning and equipment talents, from the perspective of personnel quality, China Communications Construction Group and the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau have an absolute advantage in the entire dredging mall, which is the leading force in the construction of dredging projects in China. The amount of dredging accounts for 80% of the mall's share. Therefore, China's current dredging engineering malls are basically exclusive to shopping malls.

3 Thoughts on Strengthening the Ability of Dredging in China

3.1 Foreign companies directly enter

    Compared with foreign large-scale dredging enterprises, there is a certain gap between China's dredging enterprises in terms of equipment ability and construction technology. If foreign companies directly enter China's shopping malls, they will certainly have a greater impact on China's dredging enterprises, and will even quickly control China's dredging malls and form a market monopoly. Out of the protection of China's dredging enterprises, some of the government's rules must directly enter the relevant qualifications of foreign-funded enterprises in China's dredging shopping malls, such as registered capital, construction performance in China, equipment service life, personnel qualifications, etc. China's shopping malls have formed certain non-tariff barriers. Therefore, it takes a process for foreign-funded enterprises to completely enter China's dredging shopping malls. This has won a certain buffer period for the overall strength of China's dredging enterprises. Together, it means that the remediation of China's dredging ability is impossible and not necessary in the short-term to complete the direct entry of foreign-funded enterprises.

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