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The status quo and related thinking of China's dredging equipment capacity (3)

The status quo and related thinking of China's dredging equipment capacity (3)

3.2 Selection of Sino-foreign joint ventures

    The establishment of a joint venture company is a better way to compensate for the lack of construction of dredging projects in China. It is conducive to the harmony of both Chinese and foreign interests, and has a strong effect on the problems that can be solved in China's dredging construction vessels. Moreover, because there is a big gap between China's dredging enterprises and large foreign dredging enterprises, the joint venture method can continuously learn the advanced experience of foreign countries, gradually narrow the gap, and create conditions for further improving the competitiveness of enterprises. However, some materials have appeared. Nowadays, Chinese enterprises have introduced foreign dredging equipment by this method. There are still certain obstacles to adding dredging supply, which is mainly reflected in the complicated procedures and taxation. Now, a single port company is exploring joint ventures with foreign companies and has achieved initial results. If the joint venture is successful, it can deal with the problem that the construction can be lacking to some extent.

3.3 Use foreign skills to create dredging vessels

     Dredging vessels are characterized by high cost, strict skills and long cycle. Some experts believe that for 10,000m. The above large-scale dredging vessels, China does not yet have the ability to create independently. Therefore, some enterprises use foreign planning and domestic methods to create dredging construction vessels, introduce key skills and equipment from abroad, and complete the construction in China, which can greatly save the cost of shipbuilding and reduce the risk of business operations. The use of foreign skills to create dredging vessels is an effective way to compensate for the lack of construction, but avoid excessive investment. When the shopping malls tend to be saturated, equipment depreciation and protection costs are too high, which will cause unnecessary waste. Moreover, the vessel has a long manufacturing cycle and cannot deal with the urgent need for the market to be in short supply.

3.4 Purchase of foreign construction vessels

     Buying construction vessels from abroad has two methods: buying new ships and buying used ships. According to statistics from relevant departments, the number of dredging vessels imported in 2008 has been more ups and downs than in previous years. This reflects, to a certain extent, the demand for construction vessels in dredging malls. Among the imported vessels, second-hand vessels are mostly. The procedure for purchasing a new ship is simple but the cost is high. It takes about 670 million yuan to buy a new ship of 10000m3, and few domestic companies can purchase new ships with surplus funds in the short term. If the borrowing method is used to purchase a new ship, then once the store changes (such as the financial crisis since the end of 2008), the company will face great risks, and the company will bear more burdens when it is able to spare; otherwise, purchase The new ship needs a certain period of creation, and it is impossible to timely compensate for the severe shortage of dredging. Therefore, many purchases of new ships are not the best way to compensate for dredging. In comparison, although the purchase of second-hand boats is cheaper, the state has stricter rules for importing second-hand ships. At the same time, the introduction of foreign second-hand ships can quickly deal with the problems that can be lacked in China's dredging construction of shopping malls. However, second-hand ships generally have the characteristics of large age and poor function. In China, construction vessels are aging, equipment is outdated, and their skills are poor. In the case of low construction efficiency, many of the introduction of second-hand ships will inevitably affect the improvement of the construction capacity of China's dredging projects and the healthy development of shopping malls.

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