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The uniqueness of dredgers

The uniqueness of dredgers

 As the leading product, and the formation of large-scale production, sensitive production methods and all-round after-sales service has won wide acclaim of users, product marketing throughout the country. Here is the uniqueness of the dredger:
    The dredger has a novel layout, simple operation, and high efficiency, and is suitable for river dredging, dredging of lakes and reservoirs, reclamation of land in the sea, port terminal finishing, and sand extraction. The equipment consists of a hull, a delivery system, a water intake system, and an emptying system. The delivery system includes power, clutches, and mud pumps. The emptying system includes a high-pressure water pump and a vacuum pump.
   After the introduction of the dredger above, I believe we have a certain understanding of the dredging vessel! Welcome to come to buy our products!

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