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The winch dredger can better meet the demand of the market

The winch dredger can better meet the demand of the market

 Winch suction dredger:
Useful extension length 1, chamfer length is greater than the water on the pipeline dredger,
It should be constructed according to the length of dredgers and water pipelines.
2, the demand curve to channel into several line segments of excavation, the curve can be an approximate straight line segment construction.
3, Wacao standard divergent time requirements may differ, should be in accordance with the contract requirements of subsection.
4, disturbed by flight or other factors, and can be segmented according to needs.
The dredger is the primary equipment for the surgical management of underwater excavation, water dredging, water dredging, island construction and municipal construction, which has a broad market prospect as the dredger for water conservancy dredging, channel management, waterway dredging, water dredging, island building and municipal construction. At home and abroad, especially in low-lying and water rich (or poor) and maritime countries, for many years, great progress has been made in dredging skills and dredgers.

Dredgeman heavy industry Co., Ltd. mainly produces dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, small dredgers, large dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, etc.
The winch suction dredger is an engineering ship specially developed for dredging, dredging and dredging. The dredger is prepositioned to ensure the concentration of silt, long distance transportation, and high sediment content in the water in the useful working time. We will make different dredgers according to customer's requirements. The winch suction dredger is a kind of ship which is widely used in the shoal project. It is used to set up the rotating cutter with the front end of the water suction pipe to cut and stir the sediment at the bottom of the river, and then the silt material will be transported to the sediment storage field by the strong pump force, and the dredging, mud, mud and so on can be carried out at a time. After completion, it is a dredge with high efficiency and low cost. It is an outstanding underwater excavating machine.

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