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Tips for dredge tanks when installing seals

Tips for dredge tanks when installing seals

 Sealing of the device seal ring can prevent the oil tank of the dredger from showing oil leakage, but there are some problems when the device sealing ring is used.
1. To check the quality of the sealing ring before the device sealing ring, especially the orientation of the lip, can not show damage, shortcomings. After checking the quality, it is also necessary to check whether the seal ring dimensions meet the dimensions of the cylinder.
2. In the orientation of the device lip ring, such as the cylinder and the end of the piston rod, it should be poured into a chamfer of 15 to 30 degrees, this can prevent damage to the lip of the lip during the device's time .
3. In the process of installing the lip ring, it is better to put a special sleeve in the position to pass if you want to pass through the undercut groove or thread appearance. Perhaps in the design process, the diameter of the thread and the undercut is smaller than the inside diameter of the lip.
4. In the process of installing the lip ring, if you want to pass through the thread surface and the time of the orifice, be sure to use the inner diameter of the bearing larger than the outer diameter of the lip ring.
5. In order to reduce the resistance of the device, during the process of the device, the lip ring and the loading site are greased.
6. When the device is installed, try to reduce the excessive stretch to prevent plastic deformation. If the temperature of the device is low, the lip ring can be placed in a hot oil of about 60°C, but it cannot be used beyond the operating temperature of the lip down.
7. If the operating pressure is greater than 20 MPa, in addition to the complex lip-shaped ring, but also to increase the ring to prevent the lip-ring out. The retaining ring is preferably mounted on the side of the lip of the lip ring. When the lip of the lip is inserted into the inside of the cylinder barrel, in order to prevent the oblique blockage of the retaining ring from being blocked, after the groove is inserted, grease is used. Slant blocking adhesive fixed and then loaded into it.

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