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Use of dredger

Use of dredger

 Dredgers are widely used and can be used in rivers, lakes, and seas for dredging, navigation, and land reclamation. In special circumstances, the installation of high-power reamer equipment on the cutter suction dredger will allow exploration of rock formations such as basalt and limestone without explosion.
Dredgers are economical. Excavation and transportation of materials can be completed at one time, without the need for cooperation from other vessels and repeated handling. The relative engineering cost is lower. Dredgers have high operating efficiency, large output, and long pump distances. The large-scale cutter suction dredgers can produce several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sand or crushed rock materials are pumped out of the distance of several thousand meters through the mud pump and the sludge discharging pipeline relying on the powerful power.
  Dredgers make full use of the groundwater, rationally develop groundwater, and achieve overall arrangements for groundwater and aboveground water; they should determine the number of wells and the amount of exploitation in each layer according to the replenishment capacity of each aquifer, so that water can be extracted in layers, shallow, medium, and deep. Combine and rationalize the layout; it is necessary to combine the management of drought, alkalized and salty soils, and make unified plans so that irrigation is ensured, and the groundwater level and alkali-proof and stain-proof are reduced; underground water is evacuated and underground storage capacity is vacated; the flood season can be preserved. Precipitation and ground runoffs are created, and conditions are created for the treatment of alkaloids.

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