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What is a cutter suction dredger

What is a cutter suction dredger

 In the use of a more extensive type of ship in the revetment project, it uses a suction pipe to enclose the suction pipe around the suction pipe and install a rotary reamer to cut and agitate the sediment in the river, and then pull it up through the suction pipe. The sediment material is transported to the silt material accumulation field by its strong pumping force. Its dredging, mud transport, and sludge disposal processes can be completed one after another. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective dredging system. The boat is an outstanding underwater excavation machine.
After the practice of dredging projects on the Taipu River, the Jiangnan Canal, the Middle Canal and the Wangyu River, the characteristics and the lack of the cutter suction dredger have a certain level of understanding. The following discussion of its application will be discussed below for the purpose of We consulted.
1 Cutter suction dredger has outstanding features
(1) Cutter suction dredgers are widely used and can be used in rivers, lakes and seas for dredging, navigation, excavation, and land reclamation. In special cases, the cutter cradle equipment on the cutter suction dredger can be used to excavate rock formations such as basalt and limestone without blasting.
(2) The cutter suction dredger has high working efficiency, large output value and long pump distance. The large-scale cutter suction dredger can reach an output value of several thousand cubic meters per hour; the sediment or crushed rock material can be pumped out of a few kilometers away by relying on powerful power through the mud pump and the sludge discharging pipeline.
(3) The cutter suction dredger is simple and easy to operate. The dredger relies on the rig's trolley to position and step the steel piles, using the reamer arm frame to measure the steel cables and the anchors fixed in the grooving grooves. The traction is carried out by the reamer and the hatchbacks are oscillated by cutting and silting materials. Must operate the pendulum under the operation, will twist the material, through the mud pump to the dumping field. The dredging boat's stepping is to replace the movement by two piles and step forward.
(4) Large cutter suction dredgers with self-navigation system. It can be self-propelled during migration. Most small and medium-sized dredgers are not self-propelled and are towed by tugboats. Small and medium-sized dredgers can be planned and built to be assembled and transported by land to the site. They can be used after being assembled.
(5) The cutter suction dredger is economical. Excavation and transportation of materials are completed at one time. No other vessels are required to cooperate and transport them several times. Relative engineering costs are lower.

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