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What is the operation room of the dredger?

What is the operation room of the dredger?

 The operating room of small dredgers is generally made of relatively thin steel plates, and some of the operating rooms are made of fiberglass. The lighter weight of the operating room made of FRP can help to reduce the dredging load and help improve the flexibility of the hull. After the production of the operating room is completed, it is a whole, in its bottom has a screw hole, which can be fixed to the dredger's deck with a screw. This planning method can facilitate the disassembly and assembly of hulls during transportation.
  The operation room is generally a square plan with an entrance on one side and a window around it. The window glass can be opened upwards, and the serial port glass can be lifted during the hot summer days. The ventilation in the operation room can be used. There should also be a fence around the operating room. The fence can improve the safety of the staff. The operation room of a small dredger is generally provided with a console on the front side, and various control buttons may be provided on the console. The worker can complete the dredging operation simply by pressing a button or pulling a lever.
  The area of the operation room of the small dredger is relatively low. The entire operation room is only about three square meters, and it can generally only accommodate two people.

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